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CT - Bigellow Hollow - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Adventure ST Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear       Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities .Overall Rating
3.5 3 2 2.5 3.4 2 0 3.87 3.4 3.5
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Directions - Take 84 east to route 190, right on 171 - follow 1.3 miles and take a left into the state park..

Description - A great ride in a convenient location if your traveling.  Some challenging short and long hills.  Take the extended route and punish yourself on the bastard style white trail - rock garden technicalities extreme - many a walker on this trail.  Blue red to white to blue loop has some pretty sick climbs, some hike a bike..   Blue white loop, has less vertical, lots of short hike a bikes or carrys over slippery logs, but is a good adventure, with good techs..

Loops:  short loop - 7 miles or so?? 1-2-6-7-8-1

Long loop:  1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-1

even longer loop - add this to either loop above (thanks keith) 7-9-10-11-12-8

Pre-ride music:  Low fidelity allstars - Blisters on my brain
Total Miles:  21?
Elevation Change Feet -
Local Bike Shops 331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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