CT - Bigelow Hollow

DSC01165.JPG (150051 bytes) Mini pine tree forest - fantastic ehh focker! DSC01166.JPG (163474 bytes) Potential DSC01167.JPG (170801 bytes) Someone got a little trail marker happy Dsc01168.jpg (166673 bytes) I should have been a focking fertographer
DSC01169.JPG (138929 bytes) Ok maybe I should have hired a photographer Dsc01170.jpg (99275 bytes)  Lots of ridges Dsc01171.jpg (139587 bytes)Knife edge ridge climb Dsc01172.jpg (195016 bytes)SIK
Dsc01173.jpg (136156 bytes) The gods must be angry with this tree - zeus? Dsc01174.jpg (147018 bytes) Remember that stump I fell on at tyller mill - well this is what it looked like DSC01175.JPG (105249 bytes) Shake and bake - welcome to the world of consulting DSC01176.JPG (127948 bytes)  Ever see that movie office space - this is bikerags rendition, less the baseball bat, jenifer aniston and the 7-11 owner from Suburbia.
Dsc01177.jpg (33147 bytes) This is that blond from the latest strange pics - she is following us again Dsc01178.jpg (42894 bytes) Yup cow with yellow ears.    


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