Rating Explanation 

 Category - This describes the ability of rider required to bike the trails without getting off the bike, dabbing or smearing.  If you just started biking you may even struggle with some of the beginner trails here.  The ratings are geared toward advanced riders - this will hopefully be your goal. The table below was specifically made for focker and other non skiers..
Beginner  You can most likely ride this trails with one hand on the bars, leaving the other hand free for scratching your privates or swatting flies, or just propping your head up as you fall asleep.  Unless of course you just got started, then this is where you should start and build your skillz.
Intermediate Add some rocks, logs and debris to those beginner trails and you have intermediate.  Most advanced riders should be able to ride intermediate trails without dabbing, but are still moderately challenged.
Expert Rocky technical trails that require skill, balance, commitment and occasionally cohonas..  Small drop-offs, sleezy ramps, Behind the seat rock rides.
Gonzo Need I explain, these trails are not for the timid or faint hearted or cry baby soup girls..  Trails include the gnarliest but rideable rock gardens, that are your typical nemesis rock sections but for like 1/2 mile!  BIg drops over 4 feet, skinny ramps that are 4 feet off the ground..  Ridge rides next to 100 foot cliffs.  (see also fear factor).
Gonzoextreme Ridiculouse Only a select few will be up to these trails or stunts..  The upper echelon shall we say..  12 foot drops, ramps that are 6 feet high and 12" wide, log rides on rotten dilapidated wood, 85 degree downhills..  Armor and full face a must, bring your cell phone and medic..


 Rating - The ratings on this site are totally biased and are written by the Pukemaster and on occasion, a fellow rider.  There are many factors taken into account to establish that final rating, which is posted in buckets of puke..  1 bucket would indicate a lame ride (maybe ok for beginner though) and 5 buckets would indicate a perfect ride. 

Rating Categories (all based on 0-5, 5 being the best or most difficult)

ST (Single Track) Changed this category - simplified.  Basically just the width of the trail, maybe adjusted a bit for flow.  Higher the #, the better.

ST0 = No singletrack all fire roads

ST5 = 100% tight singletrack


Adventure Do you know where you are?  Do you know if you will be coming home tonight?  That is the question..  A zero rating would be a trip through a very small state park with extremely well marked trails and tons of tourons..  Five rating is reserved for all day epic rides requiring route finding skills, running from bears and eating insects for food...  See blair witch movie..
Climbing (should I bring my anti-gravity shoes?) This will depend on what route you take.. Obviously! But in general here it is 0=Flat (A-cup) 1=(250 to 500ft)  2=(500 to 1000) 3=(1000 to 2000)  4=(2000 to 5280) 5=vertical mile or more...  A negative in front of the # would indicate a one way downhill or shuttle..  +2, -4 for example means you climb like 1000 feet and descend like 3000 feet or so!!
Free Ride Factor Huck-A-Bility (yes I make up new words every day)..   Are there good drops on and off the trail??   Log rides, gaps, rollers, anything that is natural and requires some gonads to accomplish..
Fun - Factor Just because a trail is difficult, doesn't necessarily mean its good.. 
Fear Factor Clicking those ruby slippers won't get you out of this one Dorothy!  This category includes exposure (should I bring my climbing gear?), wild animals, crazy stunts, steep downhills and rock rides, proximity to nearest shooting range (make that ranges) etc..
Trail Enhancements I.E. stunts - Wood that's fallen from the sky in the form of home depot ladders.. Carefully arranged rocks or logs - anything that keeps your bike off the trail and saves the environment..  Rating based on number of ramps, construction and difficulty..
Scenery  How freakin FAN-tastic are the views?? 
Tech. Technicalities - Manuvers on your bike that require skill, balance, strength and technique! Rock gardens, steep ups, gnarly downs, log crossings etc..
Overall rating The overall rating is NOT an average of the above, but uses the above characteristics to provide an overall evaluation of the ride.
Pre-ride music  |    This will put you in the correct groove for the ride, keeping that music in your head MAY help to keep the other voices OUT!!!

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