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WV - Huckleberry Trail from Spruce Knob - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Just find your way to the Spruce Knob- Seneca Rocks National Recreation Area in the Monongahela National Forest, drive on fs 112 and look for the seneca creek trailhead.

Forward:  In a conversation at Blackwater Bikes in Davis, I asked the owner about the huckleberry trail and he said "the huckleberry trail makes the plantation trail look like pavement", and of course since "the plantation trail is technical beyond category, the hardest trail anywhere"..  THis is what led us to this awesome trail..

Description - From Seneca Creek Trailhead...  Pack up lots of water, food and Vaseline, pedal up the dirt road for 4 miles..  Suffering succotash!  One car might pass you..  Take a left toward spruce knob (major left, well signed), 2 more miles of road and your at the top and most likely greeted by white haired tourists and mountain top rest rooms (phhhhht - ahhhh)..  Huckleberry trail is off the first parking turnoff (left) and is well marked..  Trail starts out as mini gravel landscape trail groomed for tennis shoes and walkers..  Ride on 50 more feet and you will be in technical rock riding heaven..  Wicked boney, but boney good not boney bad..  Tight singletrack lined with small and medium sized rocks..  All rideable..  IF you do dab, starting in the middle can be a biatch..  This trail was awesome, between rock sections you were treated with moderate sections of pine needle rooty single track..  The trail seems to go on forever..  Once you think its over after heading into some meadow sections, or mellow singletrack, the rocks come back..  Just keep it in middle one (or granny one if your name is QM), and ride on..  Finally after you hit a sweet downhill scattered with a smaller amount of rocks, you pass the lumberjack trail and soon after Judy Springs..  Take a left onto judy springs and ride with the bulls on cool singlerack through field..  Moderately technical, but ends at a sweet rock garden, followed by a couple nice pyramid log crossing..  At the end you go over a bridge that focker dreams of building, you are now at the seneca creek trail..  Take a left on this easy sleazy 1.5 track and follow all the way home..  If your not too tired there are a couple trails off this you can adventure on..  Ill get them next time..  A great freakin ride, I will come back for sure!!

Pre-ride Music:    George Thoroughgood "bad to the Bone"
Total Miles: 15
Elevation Change Feet -    1500 ft- Elevation Profile
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