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VT - Sleepy Hollow - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - From Burlington, take 89 south to richmond, Take a right on route 2 to richmond, right on bridge street, round right corner at church bridge turns into huntington, Right on sherman hollow rd, dirt, 1.8 miles take left for sleepy hollow in..

Description - There is a fee to ride here, check in with the friendly people at the lodge and they will set you up..

For VT riding, well, it doesn't get much better as far as my knowledge base..  The trail builders did a pretty good job here, but I think the trails lack some sense of flow..  Certainly more technical than Burke in the buff, but just not as flowing..   This place does have some great up-hilling and some good downhill sections for that matter..   Lots of tough but make able climbs, some short grunts around corners, over burms and such..  Some great downhill sections were over too fast..   Wish they just had an MTB loop marked that utilized all the trails in the best way..  They did have a race loop, but that did not cover much..  Some great potential here, but I would not go too far out of my way to ride here..  If your in the area, you can have a decent day of riding on well marked semi technical trails..  There were even some short slickrock sections..

Anything named with star wars theme was pretty good..

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