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MA - Tote Road - Whiting Reservoir -

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Directions - 91 north through springfield, exit 17, rte 141 towards easthampton (for 1.2 miles)..  Park across the street and just past Wycoff golf course..  The parking area parallels rte 141..   Go back across the street and enter the fire road past the main reservoir gate..  To get to the mount tom trails, bear left around the res and look for a short piece of singletrack on the left..  If you miss it you will just take countless laps around the res..

Description - Good steep climb followed by great slickrock sections, some drops, some boney stuff, some nice single track, some rocky fire roads..  Lots of hikers here..  Mountain biking is not allowed on some trails (like m&m we here) so look for no-bikes signs..

Pre-ride Music:   Something by Enya, followed by Guar..
Total Miles:  20

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