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AZ - Schuerman - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures


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Adventure Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear      Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities
2 2 1 3 3.6 0 4.5 4.35 3.55
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Description -  Good shortish loop - Combine with some katchina stables for more milage.  Start near the high school - get on the trail thats all the way to the right - its marked, I zoned..  Up - incredible technical climb that is all cleanable - Maybe some smears.  To spur trails at the top that are really technical and lined with cacti.  Great rim bending views..  Onward - This is virgin single track as tight as it gets, some areas you cant even fit into, you might even get pricked with stubble.  Downhill forever, some gonzo rock sections, then another view, take some pics with that bike your so in love with, onward downhill log drops might end you up over the bars - to switch back to road - Single track to katchina stables is across the street - cool red sand red rock riding if you choose that route..  Right on whatever road and look for another right on red rock pathways before rte 89a..  Red rock pathway starts really cool rock ridge ride, fast fun, then suck the life out of you gravel back to school - wasnt that a movie..  No respect!!  
Pre-ride Music:  Schools out for Summer
Total Miles:  9
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