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AZ - Huckaby - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures


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Adventure Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear     Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities
2.3 2 1 3.9 3.4 0 4 4.1 4.69
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Description -  Ok - take those wedding pictures and get on your bike for a quick single track decent with some loose rocks, followed by killer kook uphill that almost killed focker (the legend)..  On the downhill side it gets steep with some exposure (only if you fall).  Cool trail on the side of the mountain, carves by a couple large boulders - cool views of the oak creek valley with steel bridge in the distance.  Steep steps, behind the seat or over the bars - take your pick..  Onward the trail follows the creek and eventually crosses it over some rocks and planks.  To Loose double track climb that curves under bridge at top.  Combine with Jim Tompson and secret trails for an EPICly awesome day.  Ride through town on the way home, up schnebly road and look for cow pies.  We never found them so let me know..   
Pre-ride Music:  BIlly Idol - White Wedding
Total Miles:  8
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