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AZ - House Mountain - Trail Review with Map and Pictures


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Adventure Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear     Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities
4.5 3 2 3.6 4 0 3 3 4.25
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Description -  First I suggest you do hot loop first for epic day instead of riding all the way down 179.  From 179 you take FS120.  I think about 1.8 miles up fs120 you will see 2 fire type roads on the right.  You want the second road.  If you go too far you will start descending.  Also the right turn you take has another road approximately (say 50 ft away) adjacent to it.  Its very important you at least start out on the right road.  The road dows have a cattle grate at the start.  CLimb forever up the fire road that has some rocks on it for his and her pleasure..  Basically just keep going straight unless you THINK you have time to kill exploring all the spurs.  Go straight all the way until you dead end at a view.  Look at the view, enjoy, U-turn back down and take the FIRST major right road., Yes more climbing, Eventually you will see some green tanks - You will see them like an apparition and kiss them once you get there.  Or just climb on top and hurt yourself.  The good news is its all downhill to the car..  The better news is after you take a right turn half way down the sort of lame fire road decent, the trail turns into way cool steep single track and you will be going down so far your legs will hurt.  If you want the easy way out keep left or straight on the double track, or bear right onto yet another cool section of single track.  If you take the single track just take a left once you get to another trail, then stay straight all the way back to the dead end and follow the fire road out to Verde valley... I lied you car is not there to pick you up.  3 mile up hill back to the house - focker..  
Pre-ride Music:  Talking heads Burning down the house 
Total Miles:  22 or 35 combined with Hot Loop
Elevation Change Feet - 3250 with Hot loop
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