VA - Elizabeth Furnace

Up the orance - some buff single..

Stream on Blue (Bear wallow trail)

Good tech's all over

Purple, mudhole gap section, semi rocky doubletrack

5 deep stream crossings to navigate

Its like the boneyard without the smooth spots

Reservoir at 1500 feet, view from the orange trail

Great section of the orange along the water..

This is the crappy fire road up to signal knob - it goes by fast if you have legs and enough cafein, actually just cafein will do..

Orange S-track at the top of signal knob

View from signal knob

Took this picture for Big Bird - Fan-Tastic - OOHHH AHHH

OK - Now the riding gets ridiculously good

My ass, like you havent seen enough of it..

View of signal knob from the menaca peak cutoff trail, great to see where weve been

This was the GI - Jane section, I didnt want to clean it without him..

PMD tearing up some rocks on mecaka peak white - "wheres my blur?"

Nice natural drops, best 1.5ers in the state i BET

Time to go down, Bear Swallows BLue

Crazy fun technical lines all the way down, I call this one the rotor scraper

Dont get stuck in the crack

Some buff downhill for HLM.. Great single track - whatever that means

Case mountain section

More swoopy singletrack with switchbacks..


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