UT - Gooseberry Mesa

2004 Pics

Jiana pose above pastry like rocks

PUke & GI contemplate our JEM trial ride below

SSK Chillin on a rock

South rim

Jane riding between rock breasts

PMD had to get up on em too

GI extra line

SSK looks like a pose shot, but I assure you, I was a sneak bastard and caught this classic all on my own

Piggy backing magician line, dissapearing diana

Jane - nose wheelie

SSK in the troth

PMD snaking around

PMD - Cool down, multiple drops

and up

Crazy rock color on hidden canyon

Sub 2 footer, I know, I know

PMD on the edge, north rim

ummmm pastries

South rim

Point Drop

Gi gapper

I go both ways - DOH..

PMD steep down, awesome line..

SSK Still smiles

PMD - hidden canyon

cactus lined single track

Cool up

Janes heart shaped rock

This is a map

Vacation 2003 pics

Nice legs




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