Utah - Moab area - Porcupine Rim

2005 - Bikerag Crew New Singletrack

Coyote shuttle

Shameless Plug is my tip

Cool rocks above the normal Porc trailhead

Elvis scrotum rock

On belay?

Singletrack what a concept

PMD chillin, or chilly, we just passed some snow


HQ cruisin by

Everyone took off, cant blame them, im all alone..


Fantastic track - crazy, feel like im in in the islands

Tizzy couple shot

Double couple shot - 4-way

Quantemplation on the edge

Focker would love it here

PMD riding on the edge

LBS & Radar

Rag train lead by GI Jane

OBD all alone

Rag hags

Some of the nice singletrack at the bottom

Ok I have brakes again... Ugghhh Ti rotors

I spy PMD

Xin it up

HH cool line between the rocks





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