Jackson Hole Pics 2003


Hey - is this QM??

check out the guy in the liesure suit



Moas Tearing it up at the resort - day one - Whorebacks

Travel - Truck with Teeth - trying to run the xterra down

Not a chance with these James bond spiked wheels

PM leaving some tracks with Moas & trane wreck on the backs side of eidleweise - Spell check THAT

Ze windy ridge tour

More of moas's recognisance pictures

MOAS - This is tree skiing at the pass, many nice shots like this on the way down

View of windy ridge to the Do-me chutes?? maybe

Powder reserves, Fluffy runs - 50 feet from the car, ok maybe 500

Fantastic day

Back side of glory or stair master 1600..

contemplation in the trees, moas always steels the best shot, except when he doesnt

Typical tree skiing view, turn turn turn point repeat if necessary

Shots of moas minutes before he meets a stump and tests out his new bindings

Quick , look up, if this is not the view you see, your not in jackson



My Tour guides under the grand tetons & 25 short

Skin to win

view from the top

No tracks here, open shot to the glades.

Train wreck tearing it up

View from 15,000 feet?? Or mini-me powder skiers you be the judge

All smiles today, you cant beat this!!

Took this pic for big bird!! FANTASTIC..

Finally back at the car, legs feel like cramped up lead, a great day followed by heavy carbo loading..

If you look REALLLLL close, you can see our tracks


Cryptic messages in the snow.

Liquor Cabinet

Jenson Canyon

Joe Skirt - Only happy when it rains?

I just fedexed Train Wreck a snorkel

What goes down, must, eventually come up..


No Name, Pukerface?

Once, Twice - 3 times a lady.. Actually think its once is enough, twice is nice..

Snow BOard SEE-SAW - NO JOKE... Moas better get some action pics of this.. Actually I was the first to invent this on Xcountry skiis!!

Put your kid in the tubes and ski all day??


 Back Country Store


Slide on teh xmas tree bowel

Laramie bowl

Expert Chutes

Housetop Mountain

4 pines with clouds below - wish I was there

Train Wreck in the HO-backs

Mike in rock springs

And you wonder why MOAS leaves for 4 months - this is it!!

Marion lake

powder reserves

Rob on olympic bowl

Rob olympic

Pepes bench

Rendevous mountain - forcast - sunny 33 degrees

These are trees

Ho Ho Ho, from moas

Sierra Trading Post


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