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Grayville 5-8-05 April golden showers bring may mud pie followers

Grayville 12-28-03

Screaming moaning and boning at case 12-13-03

Ninham - Santa Cruz Fest - Donna Matrix Goes 911 on the 35 footer

Ride in the cold of day -The return of stinkfinger -  At case - By PM

Sticky Tires, Sticky Menus, Sticky Rice - My first date with Jane - Ride at soapstone - By PM

Idaho week of riding - By KMB -

No banter No Banter No banter No banter - Swing - By HLM

Pedros 2003 - Don't come a knockin when this condo's Rockin..

Ninham - Sunday  Bloody Sunday - Neck pain is better than death - Die another day - recap by PM

Rookie Writes a Recap - Say that 3 times fast.. - West Hartford Reservoir

Rookie and cookie invest in FINESSE - case mountain monday night mayhem

Valley Falls - Boy meets Boy Fagathon - Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Grayville - Bikerag Bail Bonds - Cookie needs a valium

Nimham - Nice legs, when do they open?? By Puke

Tyler Mill Recap - By Tony Hawk, Male Prostitute

24 hours of adrenaline - Rickshaw is my New Hero!!

Salmon River dolla fitty tour

Soapytimes - Saturday mud bath

Case - Nurse Betty needs a bed pan..

Grayville - It was nice not riding with you - By PM

First group ride of 2003 - Behind the green door part III - 50 feet of bondage extreme free-balling, I mean riding..  By PM

Dude Where's my bike - by Barbie

Westwoods - Anklebiter finds a mysterious swelling in the AM..

First Ride of 2003 - Hairy lesbian hill billy petoully smellin dance party - who brought the hedge trimmers

2002 party poopoo - "You only Leave thrice"

Bikerag's End of Summer Recap Results


1st Place - GI gets the podium by touching himself!!!!  #5

2nd place A recap debut by Rickshaw, I bet he had some help from hartford courant writers!!! #8

3rd Place - Huge Tie - I sheit you not - #1,2,4,6,7

Booby Prize - Of course goes to ankle biter (since he likes boobies) for #3, but ironically maybe not so ironically, he will get the kenda 2.6 tires...

Thanks to everyone who participated in the contest or voted..  It gave me a chance to not write for 2 months and spend more time with my therapist

Contestant #1.  _Crashing With Bullits - GI-Jane

Contestant #2.  Pukeless Ride in grayville - Brick

Contestant #3.  Meshomasic - Hung over and lost - Ankle Biter, or stretch nuts, or BeafEater

Contestant #4  50 miles of Crrrrrap  TT & GI Jane

Contestant #5   I touch myself - At Soapstone - GI-Jane

Cuntestant #6   SM birthday Recap - By G-String

Cruntestant #7  West Rock recap - By Ankle Biter or stretch nuts or Beef Eater

 Contestical #8 West Hartford res - Paranormal recap - BY RICKSHAW!!

Recaps Are Due - October 31st, then the voting begins..


Paranoi-a self destroya - Where the hell is case mountain?

Glazing donuts - Pachaug adventure - A+ team

A Whole Week full of crap, saved up in my small intestine, some exlax and it should come out as smooth as ragged mountain singletrack.. Ho the irony.

It would be so unfair to the rest if I entered this one in the contest - so - 9 riders at Cock south

Penwood - Afternoon Delight - By Gi-Jane!!!  Great Recrap, I am humbled once again..

Night Train at Meshomasic

Bikerag invades vernon cycle and steals home

Running with the bullets - Soapstone

West hartford res - Hopping John and QM's day of pumping..

Six Recaps lost, but not forgotten..  From Wells Woods to Soapstone not to forget a pinnacle climbing day and a huge box of used sex toys at your next door neighbors tag sale..

Masochistic - The doggie style days of summer - Take 1 - By Pukemaster of course

Case - GI 5000 ft ego Jane - BIkerag and VernonCycle collide - written by GI-Jane while he was packing his dog for crested butte..  Edited by puke - because I can, because I can can can...  Sing it QM - oh you dont have the new mix disks yet!!

Ringwood New Jersey - Recap By G-String

First annual satanic Floridian case mountain ride with stunt stuffing pre-ride and stomach stuffing post ride at SSK's

New rule - Everyone who rides must write a recap, as you can see BeLOW..  ME I wasn't there.  7 more to COME...

Granby recap - By Gi-Jane - Recap Debut

Granby Recap - By TT

Granby Recap - By Garter Belt - Recap Debut

Marriage??  Check out this mountain bikers Pre-Nup

Vfalls & Grayville - SH!T DAM FOCK - DO NOT READ THIS RECRAP - ITS BAD, not bad good, JUST BAD..  Took me 2 days to write and it sucks..  Ok maybe at least skim down to the ratings they are OK at best..  I guess I cant stop you, you just have to read it even though it sucks ass..

Grayville - holy recap, make that holly trail recap, meaning of life part one - BIRTH

WestWoods - Bikerag Airborne Coalition Unites - Lesbian nuns soaked with lobster juice - YUMMY

Salmon River - Tubless Todd ride to Eat - BY HLM!!!!

Meshomasic - Sock stuffer Stuffs it - Twice - I see skidmarks, NO really I see skidmarks!!!!!!!!!!!!  Short turned long recrap, must have been the viagra!!

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10-11 I stopped counting, and forgot to start again - 18 or so riders at case, so it was a drunken bakers case at case..  17 guys and one girl at case..  Make that 2 girls - one was late - late showing up, not late, LATE (SS lactation paradox LATE) or SSLPL..  I cant think of a good title, dysfunctional writers block..  Just read on, I'd be surprised if you got this far..

7-06-02 Soapstone   - BY  AnkleBiter

7-03-02 TT takes a bath in trumbull

Single Speed Bike Review - Thanks TM!!

24 hours of Adrenalin  Broken frame and 2 sprained ankles - team MC900poundtumor

Nassahegon Pagan Ritual Recap BY   HLM (Hot Lips Mechanic)

Nassahegon - 3 crash's followed by snackerbation

Case mountain, Meshomasic - 2 craps always better than one

Meshomasic - Holy Hot Lips Batman, Houston, we have liftoff!! - Recap by numbers, By PM

Res filing - BY HLM

2 craps in one -  - YUP - Too much kashi for breakfast - Sunday Bloody Sunday Soapstone and this brand new place to ride, its called WH-res

Middlesex - Small group, but big on pain

14 riders (case) By HLM (Hot Lips Mechanic - Recap debut - GREAT stuff)

5-22-02 BONEyard - 15 minutes of shame

5-15-02 Case - The trail keeps going up, but the girls just keep going down

5-11-02 Pachaug - Mount Misery Loves company

5-08-02 Marlboro "Who Killed Kenny"

5-05-02 Sinco de mayo - Small group ride at nepaug

5-01-02 Sinco-de-uno macro mulch adventure U-turn emporium

4-16-02 Faces of Death part 7 - DSF - Bad Luck pond

4-12-02 Tyler skillz - New trails New riders New injuries By Brick

4-10-02 Short Crap - Crazy 8's at castle craig

4-7-02 Holy-OH-OH-OAK  Range - The 100% uphill LOOP!!

3-14-02 Soapstone - The blood red trail at soapstone - just another sunny day on the trail, evening in the emergency room..

3-13-02 Nasahegon - Tubeless Todd Goes Down

3-9-02 Meshomasic - Hot lips Half moon and ruptured kidneys

2-22-2002 valley falls "the gold club"

12-20-01 phantom Rider at Nepaug - Thanks TT!!

MOAS's anal going away party - Its the 30 dollar off meat pun-o-matic recap.

Wells Woods Post turkey day trot 2001 - By the cable guy

New Englander Moab Review (By Noah - thanks man)  A bit retentive, but good information

AZ - day 1

AZ - day 2

AZ - day 3

AZ - day 4

AZ - day 5

AZ - day 6

AZ - day 7

AZ - day 8

AZ - day 9 & girls of AZ not forgotten (by Scooter and LUTC)

New 10-26-01 - Deja-puke Case mountain ride with Bike shop boy and steve "the moose" edwards - great ride guys

10-17-01 - Time to take some pills after many spills at tyler mill

10-03-01 WHres - Puss the other white drink - By #11red

New***9-28-01 Wells Woods - Feel the pain Pukemaster down for the count


****9-17-01_wells_woods presidential escort service tour Beaver Monologues (boy was that a mouthfull)


Saskatoon Canada - Recap by MOAS & Train Wreck

8-29-01 Meshomasic - Roughies for Roadies - Lesbian nuns attack - Moas Returns

8-15-01 2 ride recap Tubeless Todd Tours at salmon river and 5-7-9 valley falls.

8-08-01 West Hartford reservoir gets a face lift

*****8-01-1  - Kasemart - aisle 3, mens boxers, good morning mr slippah - going down??

7-25-01 "nassahegon - standard loop, except, completely different"

7-21-01 Bear Hole excursion - west springfield "3 blind mice 6 billion flies - 9 donuts - recap"

7-18-01 Cockoponset north "there just aren't enough wet nurses to go around are there?!"

7-16-01 Case mountain "air time means repair time" and im not talking about the bike!

6-27-01 Soapstone- Nocturnal Emissions center - I like my trails tight, like my women - recap

    6-20-01 Special Sauce Olympics at Valley falls - 2 broken bikes

6-19-01 Satans Kingdom with crash bros recap

24 hrs of snowshoe - Magic Fingers

6-13-01  Granville gorge Olympics - fat men cant jump recap

6-7-01 Rigamortis - the new viagra alternative

6-7-01 Wet and wild in wallyworld - Barbie

6-04-01 trail of beers - cape cod trip - recap

5-31-01 Penwood Forest - xterra first aid kit debut - quick recap

5-30-01 Bone Yard - Im gay, I voted for Al Gore and im here to confiscate your guns - recap

5-29-01 3 ride recap.txt

5-21-01 ahh ohh ahh thud thud twang studder arrrghh - a painful recap.txt

5-16-01 Rumble in Trumbull - A whole new year, a whole new ride....(send all recap complaints to PM!)

*****5-15-01 Must have had a WET DREAM crusing through the gulf stream of OZZ - Vfalls recap

5-12-01 Matabasset recap - new trails - trails of blood that is 

5-10-01 this is not a drunken recap - riding the big K

5-04-01 Recap once, whipe thrice, epic group social ride - oh my head.txt

4-19-01 14 brass balls at valley falls - re-crepe'.txt

4-23-01 Fire - ride with me - never follow PM - recrap.txt

12-18-00 day2 - Cops rocks and drops on the slickrock.txt

12-18-00 Ice skating at case recap.txt

12-18-00 MOAB - day 3 - back of the behind - where is the anal crack thats what im talking about

12-18-00 MOAB - day 5 - goldbar flat tire classic. 2 bloody french fries hanging out of K,k,k,kens nose

12-18-00 Moab - day 6 - why is there a tape measure in the bathroom

12-18-00 Moab - day 7 - Fruita - Hot blood and cold feet - The day of the disposable bike.

12-18-00 MOAB day 4 bartlet wash - mcgyver dives into a toilet bowl full of rice crispie snap crackle

12-18-00 Moab day 8 - yes I got sick of spoon feeding you

12-18-00 Subject MOAB day 1 - travel - hey leather pants

11-6-00 sometimes you feel like a slut, sometimes you dont - recap

10-26-00 riding the fine line between tofu and toe cheese - wallykill recap.txt

10-16-00 Fri 13th ride at SPOOKSVILLE a perfect 10 recap

10-08-00 Its october - Is that a pumpkin in your pants or just another REcap

10-5-00 Quick ride at case.

10-03-00 wed ride & westwoods quickap

9-28-00 Yet another tumbull in trumbull - tenacious tetnous night ride

9-21-00 News from the recap center - Got SOAP

9-1-00 ReCapAdventure Blair Witch - By biker chick

8-31-00 wallykill - I like my women like my olive oil

8-31-00 its not nice to diss the pukemaster

8-21-00 Recap - pedros fest - C,c,c,c,cold Camping, drinking, eating and some biking

8-17-00 Ride - drink - smack my bitch up - eat - golf - drink - RECAP

8-16-00 No-show boy Recap

8-06-00 Short ride recap - 4 left and 2 came back - 1 bloody 1 tired dizzy and confused

8-01-00 Im only happy when it rains - Titanic ride recap.txt

7-28-00 I am P'ing all over the walls right now!! climb wallyworld inverted recap

7-26-00 2 ride recap - The gay city and the girl scout camp - my fav. places

7-25-00 Ringwood Recap - by G-string

7-24-00 slow race to vietnam - recap

7-20-00 mid life crisis, brothels, beer and a ride in the jungle - social ride recap

7-12-00 case not even a six pack - 5 suckers riding recap

7-06-00 blood and almost puke in the boneyard - ride recap

7-04-00 3 ride recap

6-29-00 Bluff Point - groton - recap

6-28-00 Salmon river - Bring your chainsaw & hydrogen peroxide - recap

6-27-00 quick ride recap - wrath of sun valley.

6-26-00 Were not in kansas anymore - Nam Recap

6-22-00 13 chocolate coverd carotts - recap - Trumbull solo recap barbie rebuttle

6-22-00 13 chocolate coverd carotts - recap

6-17-00 #11 red - run lola run - recap

6-13-00 ot a dry ride - recap


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