A recap is an exact encounter of the previous nights ride and post ride drinking activities, except sometimes, completely different.  They are usually 98% true - listen to me know, believe me later..  If your not in our dysfunctional group, and need help understanding the recap, please use the engrish to engrish mountain biking dictionary / translator.  There are OCASIONALLY spelling errors in the recaps, please do not inform me of them, they are there to aggravate you, im actually an engrish proffessor at a local university..  And finally, these bike stories are meant to be funny, and I have tried to pick on, rank on and demean everyone equally, I dont want anyone to feel left out - so let me know if I DIDNT offend you and you I will try harder next time ~ Read on ~ PUkemaster


How to write a recap (for bikerag)..

1.  Tell us who rode, include ridiculously offensive nicknames!!

2.  Where did you go and what happened..

3.  Vividly explain crash's with bizzare explanations

4.  Tell the truth, stretch the truth, you can handle the truth

5.  Always quote your friends out of context..

6.  Rate the ride, use any system you want, such as buckets, sex acts, movie ratings or disgusting things

7.  If you can somehow fit a link in to include troubles gay cousin, thats a plus, bonus points.

8.  Try not to make too much sense and go off on lots of useless tangents...  umm  where was I?

9.  Post ride carbo loading activities can also be entertaining

10.  Send me the recrap, Ill post it if it doesn't suck