NY - Ninham MUA (Carmel)

10-24-04 - Fat Tire B Cross stuntry adventure festival

11-01-03 (I F-ed up, used 1 meg setting DOH, pics are still Ok though)

This is the First, Unofficial, Official, 100% grade A, Santa Cruz bike ride, The Whole lineup (-v10)

Barbie - QM terminator pose

CBS ass cam shot, He just ate A happy meal and the thrusters shot him over this clothes line drop

Jane, Jane Jane - Hitting the 3 footer thats really a 5 footer

What no nose wheelie??

Donna matrix down

Picking up the pieces

CBS shutter speed test - 1/160th too slow, or CBS to fast you be the judge

Consesnus - CBS too fast

Barbie - that full face helmet is dragging your nose down, but you made it..

Gi - jumps the stump

CBS stump jump

Again, the stump gapper

Barbie down, this is not a pose

And hes still falling

2" nose wheelie - yipeee

3dm roller approach

COmmitment, exectution, nice, her last roller before broken knee trick

Barbie you cant hide behind the tree and skip this stunt, See his head between the "crack"

Free standing 101

Finally, he realized the ssleeaziness of the stunt


Hot Lips Finding some rollers

PMD, fired up with a new fork

Tony Hawk - No contemplatin needed for this 2.3 footer

"new" trail section, nice nice rock, cool lines

Cool rock chute, PMD cleans it

Tony Hawk, is the Contemplation master

Hot lips, a bit shaky, but makes it look easy

No Qming here

New ramp - Looks like leather, Feels like leather, It was a "hard on" though

Actually The Hard On looks like cake too, im a wooos

Gotta love this sign, it was made for GI-Jane


THMP, Pre-QM era

THMP - Roller

LB - Roller

3dm roller

LB 1.5 huck

CBS huck?

THMP - flying off the 1.5er, nissan murano helmet ready

3dm cant get it up

THCM, He contemplated this so long, his feet started to decompose on the rock, but finally nailed it

Finally a good shot, camera issues lately, CBS going east coast west coast, laps for the crowd

LB, how not to roll, he made it, "I see skidmarks"

3dm on fire

THCM, out of breathe, but the crowd doesnt give him a free pass

LB's poor tube, I feel sorry for it, has a gash in it longer than an elephant virgina..

Since the camera wasnt there to capture his feat, a pose in front of shotgun blast baby powder drop, 3.3 at least

CBS, crazy down, down into the ground

CBS sits back, in the tick infested dirt and reflects..

3dm, eating the rock up

THCM, looks like an alien, thanks to sony

Huck, blury sorry

CBS on the huck roller, his new signiture move

CBS on the 3.3

PM on the a-frame, doing laps, missed the nose wheelie I did for GI.. DoH

CBS on the rock path over log architecture


Man made rock jump, for fire road fun.. Little bumpy on the take-off..

Shlick rock everywhere..

500 mg section

QM 2 rock climb

Lots of nice rollers, large and small

Tech's everywhere

Many line options!!

More fire road entertainment

And yet another log ride

Steep down

Couple sweet rocky downs

Launch down, or struggle up and over

Plank drop, home depot style with shingles

Trail maintanence here is impecable, found this stuff pretty far out too..

A-frame, I rode it, Barbie rode it, cant you see - predator style..

Barbies First Huck after 23 second lesson - He obviosly didn't need it..

This ride was all smiles.

3 footer to stump jump sequence on not so hidden secret trail.. Next time..

No its not dark, Barbie walking the plank, actually riding it but who's counting.

Classic, Barbie Double pole grab dab, or is it a new cardio workout on the trail?

PMD's Line down - Not so SLeazy

Yes this is a classic action sequence

Mini Huck to finish it off

If you look closely, you can see barbie in the bush, showing us HIS line down the steep section, and into some not so forgiving rocks..

More fun rocks

Looks like leather, feels like, well, not leather..

Log ride - again


Barbie cleans it 2

PMD roller to QM plank huck

More stone work - amazing effort put in out here

Diving board drop, smooth as butta

Harder than it looks, try not to get those rocks caught in your spokes, and put em back when your done


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