ME - Mount Agameticus Pics

Posted descriptions

Long my ass, this would be about 20 minutes

Short, indeed short, a good pre-ride warmup when waiting for those always late riders.

View from the top

Ze plane, Ze Plane - Tatoo yells from the fire tower

Single track slick rock down - sweet fern trail

PMD on sweet furn

West side of ring trail, watch out for these redundant water bars, watch out for these reduntant water bars

A sign from god to go up second hill to get your free-ride on..

3 footer on top of second hill

Really nice grass lined Singletrack

Double 1.5er

Fun twisty trail down the south side of second hill..

Watch out for the grave on your left, riders left that is

PMD tearing it up

Double huck or roller to huck

Harder than it looks, I even QM-ed it once

Good up and down

The sky

The fire roads are even cool here

Third hill, even cooler than second hill, lots of slick rock lined with cairns as if you cant see the "trail"

PMD nose dive down

This tree ACTUALLY fell on PMD and was thankfully stopped by a branch before knocking her down..

Moooooo Road ride

Goosefoot - really rocky, boney, hard technical semi relentless up, imagine a fun down..


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