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UT - Slickrock -

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Directions - Its pretty easy to find, from town, take East Center to S 400 E, Left on mill creek, bear left on sand flats.  OR just follow signs.

Update 2007 - Haven't ridden slickrock in quite some time, due to rain, had to hit it again..  Gotta say there are some dam fun lines on and off trail..  Decided to take one of the "alternate" routes to shorten the main loop.  The white dots just after the portal view..  Not exactly a shortcut, some really cool stuff, but beware, a handfull of exposure..  Nice adventure, and you wont see a soul.  Portal view is pretty sweet - easy to miss that spurt.

Description - Better have some suspension for this one or this abusive rocky terrain will wear you down.  Follow the white lines over really cool rock roller coaster.  Some great ups and downs with incredible views.  Go visit the updraft arch, but be carefull as its a long way down.  A long grunt of a climb gives you a decent workout.  Side stream stunts and "bushwacking" are ENDLESS.. Watch out for "trouble drop"  Though.  Good first day ride or end of day 2nd ride.  Its a loop so no need to shuffle cars.


Pre-ride Music:   Red hot chilli peppers - Higher Ground
Total Miles: 14
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