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RI - Big River -

Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

Review by the Infamous El Crapitano

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3.5 3 3.1 1 3.4 1 ? 1-5 2.78 3
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NOT YET REVIEWED!!!! - I hear its basically Good XC stuff

Directions -Being big means Big River has parking lot choices. The easiest ones to find are the Park n Ride right off Exit 6A on Rt 95 and the smaller dirt lot on Rt 6 just south of Exit 6. The Park n Ride has the usual rural parking lot social scene at night, donít look available and itíll be ok.

Description -   First off, bikes arenít officially allowed on the Big River singletrack but we do have an official nod that itís ok. RI NEMBA is working this. As far as the riding BR has lots of 1 and 1.5 track. Much of it is torn up but the constant steep up and down terrain still makes for good x-c. Itís 8,300 acres, big enough to get really lost so bring a GPS or go with someone who knows the way out. There are many more trails than any map shows so unless you know the area you will get confused. Use the abandoned cars, motorcycle frames, lost clothing as landmarks. Yah thereís a lot of junk out there, itís part of the charm.

Loops -There are loops, all too hard to describe

Pre-ride music: NY Dolls - Trash
Total Miles: 40+
Elevation Change Feet - Elevation Profile  Up and down, couple big climbs (for RI anyway)
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