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NH - Little Massabesic - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update - mountain man tells me there are some goodies in this area..  I toned up the rating..

Description - Category - Solid and I mean SOLID beginner..  An ever so slight tinge of intermediate

Fire roads that connect several short winding single track sections.  The single track is... well...too curvy - I actually got dizzy (and even fell asleep once - no joke)..  Its fun for about 5 minutes, then you realize that every single loop has the exact same terrain..  The most exciting part of the whole area is the log roll and that wasn't even too enticing.  Thanks to the bad directions posted on mtbr we even rode every mile of fire road out there too (before we found the single track marked trails)..  There is nothing remotely technical here, and you cant even go fast because the trails are twisty..  Big thumbs down for me, maybe good for a beginner, I will never go back here, unless they completely change all of the trails, or add a million ridiculous bike stunts..  Oh and check out my topo map if you are going here as the fomba mab is USELESS, and not very accurate - sorry guys.. I threw the map in the stream, blair witch style..   If you ride every fire road and all the single track its 16 miles, and then you still have energy left over for a real ride..

Pre-ride Music:   Praga Khan - bored out of my mind    Bongwater too much sleep 
Total Miles:  8 plus fire roads
Elevation Change Feet - FLat
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