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NH - Concord Quarry - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - from downtown concord, take rte 3 north to a Hairpin left onto Rumford road (before yellow submarine), travel like 1/4 mile or less and take a left into the Jefferson pilot financial building, park in back lot where you will see trail head. Bring a bathing suit so you don't scare the locals (yes that was a joke)..

Description - Category -  beginner, a boogers worth of intermediate, unless we just couldn't find the supposed gonzo gonzo extreme ridiculous expert stuff?? let me know

 I was a little disappointed in this place as I was told it was gonzo expert, but it was an OK place to ride.  Basically the trails were a combination of single track and double track with some rocks but nothing that helped hoist that tent in my pants.  Some parts were maintained with mini log rolls and rock ramps but we are talking small po-tate-toes.  If you like looking at 200 foot quarry cliffs painted with grafiti come here.

UPDATE:  see Walker State Forest NH review for THE Concord ride!

Pre-ride Music:    Beetles - Yellow Submarine 
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