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CT - Wooster Mountain State Park - (Pine Mountain, Ned's mountain, Bennett's Pond) Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Route 84 west to Danbury, Take route 7 south and get off first exit..   At the light you will be facing the mall, take a left or go shopping..   Continue straight past gas station, post office, fedex, around corner, Wooster school will be on your right, take a left at the next fork..   travel .4 miles and take your next left after break in stone wall onto Ned's mountain road..  .78 miles, trailhead parking is on your left.  Room for a couple cars..   There is also a lot at the end of pine mountain road..

Description - Starting with Bennett's pond trail system, most of the trails are buff and easy..   Can't believe im saying this but some great single-track..   Some not so great grassy, muddy sections too, but all in all, very ride-able buff trails..   The more difficult trails are located at the north end of bennett's pond trail system..   Blue was really cool taken from yellow to white..   White had some nice bridges but some minor hike a bike..   Yellow was great, but some hike a bike up, would be great coming down.. 

The Pine Mountain area was awesome..   Some of the coolest rocky single-track I have encountered..   Found a nice 8 foot roller, many cool rock obstacles, some HB but worth it..   Nice views from the top.  Hard part is getting up to pine mountain.   Orange up is the most rideable route, but very steep - as steep as you can ride..  Yellow up on either side (ie from pine mountain road or from the remove skiis sign)has some hike a bike..    Yellow loop up on top of pine mountain platue is great, but a bit too short..    Wicked cool place but finding a good flowing loop is sort of tough ..   I will definetely be back for more..

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Total Miles: 20 ??
Elevation Change Feet -  My 12 mile ride was 1800 vertical, also did a 9 mile ride that was 1800 vertical
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food: The plaza next to the mall has sushi, chineese, red lobster and other variose mall food establishemnts..  


Local Bike Shops  North Haven Bike - 476 Washington Ave (Rt. 5), North Haven, CT 06473  PH:  203-239-7789
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