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CT - Powder Ridge - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - From I-91 take exit 15 to Route 68 East.  Go for about 4 miles until you cross over railroad tracks.  When you see the "Junction Rt 157"  BE READY.  At the intersection of 68 and 157, there is a large dirt area.  You can park there with no worries of getting a ticket or anything.  Across the street is the trail head for the Tri-Mountain ridge, and the trailhead for Powder Ridge is up the hill on rt 68.  Just follow the blue blazes, you can't miss it.

CAUTION:  The north end of this trail is very near Rt 66/Interstate 691 and it is under MAJOR construction.  The rerouted trail comes out clear of any danger, but beware of construction equipment.

Description - Some nice ridge riding here, BUT and its  a BIG BUTT, the Single track has mostly become atv double track..   Riding is mainly boney shale double, with some fun rock sections..  Views are incredible though - Oooooo - Aaaaaaa, someone give me a  labotomy...  If your lucky, a nice doggy will lick your tires..

Review by Danteck:  If you plan on actually attempt to ride this trail, bring some MAJOR protective gear.  If you decide to stay on the blue blazed trail from start to finish, plan on getting beat up.  Half of it may be cliff riding singletrack, but most of it is just too gonzo even for the greatest enthusiast.  Yes, most of the trails are ATV double track, but there are some relatively decent downhill technical sections to be attempted aka practically a 50 foot drop straight down a hill.  Basically, unless you are a complete balls of steel kind of rider, you WILL be walking most of this trail.  But if you want to attempt it, you'll be rewarded with all the oooos and aaaaaahs from the views, and maybe the ladies waiting for you at the end of the trail, or are they just from the 6 concussions you just got?

Pre-ride Music:  Lao Bushwacka - Low Life
Total Miles:  12
1200 foot Elevation Gain folks
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The Cutting Edge 146 Mill St, Berlin CT, 06037 Phone:860-828-3428 Website

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