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CT - Pachaug - Green Falls Area - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Single-Track Adventure Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear      Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities
2 4 1 3 0 to 4 2 0 3.4 1 to 3.9 3.4 +/-
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Directions - 395 to exit for 138, take 138 east to rte 49 south (its a right then a QUICK left!!!), 1.94 miles look for left hand turn as you go around corner (its has a TINY green falls sign on post)..   Travel down road and look for dirt lot on right before blue trail crossing...

Description -  These trails were a little abandoned, and ranged from pain in the ass to wicked cool.. Im hoping to find some circumvention trails so we can just hit the cool stuff..  The nehantic from north of parking area was pretty bad, lots of downed trees, leafy, pineneedley, many unavoidable dismounts and pine sap in the face..  It was intentionally blocked at the end TOO..   I think we can avoid this trail by taking the red motorcycle loop...   Anyway - Pachaug north of 138 was pretty uneventful except for one nice slickrock section..  Pachaug south of 138 was really really sweet, tons of rock, and techs..  About 3 or 4 hike a bikes, down, up etc..  Some nice small drops on one section..   Once you get to green falls and head north on the nehantic trail I suggest skipping the first short section (marked with hiking symbol on the map), and just take fire roads around it, lots of hike a bike - really cool rock stuff though, some rideable..

The Rating is a tough one, the bad trails really sucked the life out of you (and not in a good way), the good trails were awesome, so you could have a really bad ride here if your route is not chosen properly..  Good trails were about 4.2 buckets, bad trails were a 2.0..  

Beware of the state map, couple of mistakes!!  Ill update the bikerag topo soon..

Loops - Ill work on this!!!

Pre-ride Music:  
Total Miles:  20 +
Elevation Change Feet - 700 - Perty flat for an 18 mile ride!!
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  There is a subway, on rte 138 between voluntown and the highway..
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AirLine Cycles
2 Barton Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT

Phone: (860) 365-5496

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