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CT - Osbornedale State Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Single-Track Adventure Climbing Free-ride Fun Fear   Trail Enhancements Scenery Technicalities
2.4 1.69 2 2 2.4 .3 1 4 2.5 2.79
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Directions - Take route 15, to 34 north towards derby, cross route 8, continue, look for signs for the park, once you see the sign, turn right on lakeview terrace..  End of road turn right..   Go straight through funny stop sign around median thing, take next left on Chatfield street, look for park entrance on left.. 

Description - Deer, Turtles, Birds, Geese, Geese crap, chicks this place has everything, except of course insane free-ride trail that we are always looking for..  The park does have some cool trails though, some nice single track, some rocky sectioned double track, moderate-mild technicalities scattered throughout..   Some grassy field riding I could do without, reminds me of the sound of music or that silly 24 hour race in dalton..  Did find one 5 foot huck and 2 foot drop..  There is some limited free ride potential here, but dont go too far out of your way to ride here..   Bring your girlfriend, hell bring 2 girlfriends, and dont forget to " wear you helmet "..

Loops - Ride everything..

Pre-ride Music:  Praga khan - Begin to move / Anything from Ozzy
Total Miles:   8 (everything ridden)
Elevation Change Feet - 8 miles was actually like 950 feet ..  Its crazy..
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