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CT - Huckleberry Hill - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Update 2005 - Some trails have been lost to logging..

Directions - Get off at rt 4 Farmington exit 39. Go straight thru light onto rt4 west. Stay on rt4 all the way to Unionville. The main intersection light in Unionville is junction of rt4/rt177. stay in right lane.  Continue straight on rt. 4 to the next light after Unionville. Merge right onto Huckleberry Hill Rd. at the light. Across from the 7th road on the left (school st) is a small condo complex, the driveway to it is just before school st. Make a right, drive straight back to the  soccer field. park's real small. When counting the 7 roads do not count the entrance to the Avon landfill. The 7 roads are: New Rd, Buttonwood Hill, Edwards, (new development), Westbury, Verville and then School St.

Description - This spot is a little gem of mountain bike trails..  Its small, but not too small..  Pretty good variety of stuff, nothing too gonzo except for a 5 foot huck (and 4,3,2)..  Some good rock areas, many bridges, tons of cool single track, some with switchbacks..  The spine trail is wicked cool ride on a steep dirt ridge with little whoopty doos..  Add to that about 4 log rides and 2 wheelie drops, plus a tad of vertical..  Cool focking place, Im glad I went..  Special Thanks to Air Doug - He offers a tour guide service in this area for 29.95 plus shipping...

Pre-ride Music:  The Kelvins - Show Me
Total Miles: 10
Elevation Change - 731.69 feet Elevation Profile
Nearest Coffee: is LaSalle  market, Collinsville..   Sushi: Toshi??
Local Bike Shops Bikers Edge
The Bikers Edge 99 Main Street
Bristol Connecticut 06010 Phone 860-582-7770

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