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CT - Goodwin State Forest - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Take 84 to 384 to rte 6 (suicide 6), Follow about 3 miles past the intersection of route 198 and look for state forest sign on left, take that left, drive 1/11th of a mile and park on right..

Description - A good variety of trails here with FANTACTIC views..  Great leaf peeing..  I know like you care..   Some sections of the blue are fire roadish, the rest is rocky, rooty single track..  One section had some nice 1.45 foot jumps - 3 in a row - pretty tame but what the fock..  White Trail had some GONZO rock garden sections.. And I mean GONZO..  Plus a cool log ride..  More trails to explore..  Beginner rating is for the bridle trail, expert for gonzo rock gardens..

Loop - Take Tee Pee Trail from Parking lot, right on bridle, left on blue..  Follow BLue to Marcy Road or a little further to the next road if you like.. Take a right..  Look for green gate, take another right on fire road that turns into single track..  Pretty hard to follow, unmarked but good..  First 4 way intersection take a right, follow to marked white and take a left..  Follow white (awesome) all the way around the lake - right on yellow, back to car..  Option - Skip the green gate trail, follow road for a while and look for bridle trail on right (snowmobile marker), follow bridle and take a left on white..

Pre-ride Music:    
Total Miles: 15 to 45 depending how carried away you get on the blue..
Elevation Change Feet - 10 miles had 700 feet of climbing
Local Bike Shops 331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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