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CT - Branford Supply Ponds - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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IMPORTANT - MTB access here is being threatened, please read the nemba article and donate what you can to save Branford supply ponds.

Directions - 91 south to 95 north, exit 54, right at exit, left at light, drive .71 miles look for Irish pub, take left on street before pub and drive to parking lot

Description -  We coined a new phrase for this place - Buffed Triple track..  Mainly very well worn in double track, triple track and fire roads, with some rocky double track, and some single track..  After finally finding the Corkscrew and riding it, I definitely felt "screwed"..  Not all that exciting (moderate fun at best), getting there was interesting though. Some log pyramids to tackle.   Switchback trail was cool. Some steep behind the seat descents were found throughout.  Wasteland trail was very cool.  More exploration is required here but not a stellar ride, don't go too far out of your way to ride here.  If your car runs out of gas on rte 1, right at the gate entrance I would still consider peddling to west woods, or the closest bar.

Pre-ride Music:  Praga Khan - Bored out of my mind | LOA - Feed My Hungry Soul
Total Miles: 15?? - might link up to lake Saltinstall ridge, but prob. lame too.
Elevation Change:  our 12 mile ride was 800 feet
Nearest Coffee or Sushi or other food:  There is a Dunkin Donuts right on your way, on boston post road Right next to Dunkin donuts there is a really good Chinese restaurant, with a fish tank that contains a HUUUUUGE catfish..  4 golden forks, (but I wouldnt order the fish!! DOH)
Local Bike Shops  Clarke Cycles in Essex located in the Essex Plaza, exit 3 off rte 9  ph: 860-767-2405  
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