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CT - Tarrywile Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Go to danbury, visit the tank museum, roam around as much as possible, eventually the trail will run into you..  Or - 84 to route 7 south, first exit, take a right (park ave), look for right on pleasant, follow to end, might get you vaguely there..

Description -  I can hear Tatoo yelling - Ze Plane, Ze Plane as the engines hum overhead but were not at fantasy island, bet they have better trails there!!   Actually, if you were there, you could ask mr roark to build you any trail imaginable and he would even give you the skillz to ride it..  But you would have to sell your soul to him and take a walk on the darkside..

Back to the review..  Basically the terrain was a cross between fantasy island, hte sound of music and the munsters..   There are some of the best trails I will never ride again..   Some good sections, but all in all, nothing was flowing in my adrenaline glands..   Lots of hike a bike on the yellow, mudd and double track on the orange..  Some short sections were great, but not enough to bring me back..  Blue was very cool, with one nice roller, and wicked awesome switchback section..  Probably the hardest technical switchbacks in the state!!  This place would need lots of work for better riding but its not like the terrain isnt there..  Oh - the white was super super super buff, and even some fun sections..   Saw several dear, but I couldnt get my condom out fast enough.. Oh I mean camera out fast enough...

Pre-ride Music:     
Total Miles: 15
Elevation Change Feet -
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Bristol Connecticut 06010 Phone 860-582-7770

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