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CT - West Hartford Reservoir - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Important West Hartford Reservoir - MDC news: West Hartford Reservoir may be closed to mountain biking in the near future due to Frivolous 2.9 Million dollar lawsuit that was awarded to Local Cyclist for riding her bike into a gate.

Join - "Mountain bikers against awarding Maribeth Blonski 2.9 million" On Facebook!

Go ride the reservoir While you still can!


Directions - Its right off Farmington Ave - look for the wrought Iron Gate entrance to MDC.

Description - This place is probably one of the best places to teach someone how to mountain bike.  Trails range from Paved bike paths, to double track, to single track.  There are a few rocky sections here but nothing too extreme and not so boring that you fall asleep.  There are a couple nice sections on the other side of the power lines and new trails are brewing from what I hear (I was permanently kicked out of here about 3 years ago for urinating in public).  This is a very crowded biking spot, everyone and there grandmother ride here.  Try not to run over any walkers. You can hook it up to the Penwood ride for more of an epic tour..

 They added some new trails that don't suck!  Definitely  worth checking out, even some ramps and stuff, lots of logs, drops too..  Logging area actually improved this place - wicked cool log rides..

Pre-ride Music:  The grassy knoll - Culture of complaint
Total Miles: 26?
Elevation Change Feet -
Nearest Coffee:  West hartford center, take your pick, too many to list here without a server overload..
Nearest sushi:  OSAKA - west hartford center!  Or have some thai food at lemon grass for a change.. 
Local Bike Shops

The Cutting Edge 146 Mill St, Berlin CT, 06037 Phone:860-828-3428 Website

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