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CT - Wells Woods - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

 (Do Not Ride Here During Hunting Season - At ALL!!)

Sometimes a Beaver is just a Beaver!

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UPDATE 2009: - I have just been informed that wells woods no longer exists.  Logged, bull dozed, even the rock walls were removed.  Some good times in there RIP


Description - Where do I start - this place was good right out of the gate, some rock ramps for airtime, flat bridges, stone wall crossings, then gonzo stone wall riding.  Great rocky technical sections, some slick rock and quality made in USA bike stunts like "blind faith" and "real consequences" and "ginko biloba" because I cant remember any others.  We are pretty sure aliens made this trail - gonzo stuff for all the extreme riders.  And surprisingly a bit of vertical for a short ride.  Check it out - this place is a pukemaster special!!   Follow the yellow arrows - some are missing towards the end of the ride - have fun - get lost - bring a light and a camera.

Loops - Try to follow the yellow arrows.

Pre-ride Music:  Get your kicks off route 66 - By who the fock knows / Praga khan - Insanity
Total Miles: 10
Elevation Change Feet - 470 - Elevation Profile
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Theres a subway right on 66, plus Bar, plus Italian resteraunt..
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