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WMBA - Wallingford Mountain Bike Association report

There are NO Motorized vehicles allowed here. No dirt bikes.  No ATV's. No automobiles. No Pickups.  No heavy equipment.

Hunting Season:  The third Saturday in October and up until the end of February. Hunting is only permitted Mondays, Wednesday and Saturday from sunup to sunset.  On those "hunting-allowed days" all others are prohibited.

Directions - NOTE:  Exit 14 of I-91 does not exit onto the same road.

Southbound (coming from Hartford):  Exit 14, take left of exit onto E. Center Street, go over highway overpass, then railroad tracks, and 1/2 mile or so take right into Veterans Memorial Park, the soccer field mecca.  Take an immediate right to park in the first lot which is the best place to park to get away from all the soccer traffic during most evenings.

Northbound (coming from New Haven): Exit 14, take left of exit onto Rt. 150, take first right (there is a traffic signal).  Go for about a mile and at end of road (at traffic signal), take right onto E. Center Street.  Go over the highway overpass, then railroad tracks, and 1/2 mile or so take right into Veterans Memorial Park.  Take immediate right to park in first lot.

Description - Many winding trails in a small area.  Some think this place is haunted but I only saw 2 apparitions there last night which seems the norm.  Great spot for night rides, Viscously awful spot for WET rides.  Some horse dung, some used condoms and the occasional pair of stained tighty whites hanging from a tree shouldn't scare you away.  Very Flat, just a few semi-challenging technicalities.  A must do ride in CT.  Watch out when the soccer moms are in heat...  Stunts are gone!!

Loops -1-2-3-4-5-7a-7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14-15 (12 1/2 walls/andrews trail entrance pile of rocks) 16 (straight across intersection), then keep bearing LEFT,  till you hit 29-17-19-21-20-(knife edge)-21-19-25-26-27-30-2-1

Pre-ride Music:  Aerosmith - dude looks like a lady, Janie's got a gun, toys in the attic   Green Jelly - 3 little pigs (a personal favorite)
Total Miles: 15 ish
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Nearest Coffee:  Half Moon, Downtown Wallingford..  Take left out of parking lot, straight through many lights, TOP OF HILL (MAJOR INTERSECTION) just after light take a right into plaza, Half Moon is on the end, if you hit rte 5 you have gone too far  Nearest Sushi - Sushi House in Wallingford, same directions as above, but keep going straight, down hill, BEAR left at light, sushi house is on left, yellow sign
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The Cutting Edge 146 Mill St, Berlin CT, 06037 Phone:860-828-3428 Website


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