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CT - Pachaug - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions to Pachaug - Blue trailhead off 138: take rte 2 east to rte 395 east to 138 east, small dirt area is right after intersection with 201..

Description -  Pachaug is the largest state forest in the world..  OK in CT..  I have been here twice now and would agree with the rave reviews on the street..  In this area you have so many networks of trails - pachaug - nehantic - narragansett, plus many unmarked trails and fire roads.. The trails also link up with Arcadia if your really crafty..   The trails are somewhat hard to follow, hopefully bikerag can work on that with a good topo map..  The trails vary from rocky singletrack, rocky double track, really rocky double track, smooth single track through pine forests, even some good slick rock riding (short sections)..  Not too much vertical, but very technical - I wasnt bored with too many sections and very little hike a bike SO FAR!!  Mount misery is a must!!  Nice views and wicked cool technical rocks - try it both ways!!

Pre-ride Music:     LAYO and Bushwaka - Low Life
Total Miles:  Not sure - 60??
Elevation Change Feet - Pretty flat, except for mount misery
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  town pizza is on rt 165, they have really good pizza and beer too!!!!! (thanks - Jim Z)  Nearest Coffee - NO JOKE - exit 13 off rte 2 north
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AirLine Cycles
2 Barton Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT

Phone: (860) 365-5496

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