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CT - Meshomasic - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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3.9 2.5 4.4 4.5 3 1 3 4.3 4.5
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Directions - take rte 2 south to exit 10 country club road,right at exit, drive 50 feet, left at stop, take right at first stop sign (there is a green sign for glastonbury hills country club), go down hill, up hill, left onto mott hill (strait is dead end), follow mott hill until it turns to dirt, then follow for like another 1-2 miles and park were there is a green gate on left and reservoir on left, if you pass a yellow gate on your right you have gone too far (unless of course you are meeting at the yellow gate!)

Description - Meshomasic state forest in the Marlboro area is by far one of the best riding areas in CT.  A huge variety of terrain ranging from winding single track to rocky fire roads, to rocky technical sections can be found.  There are also some killer climbs and raging LONG downhill sections.  I suggest you check out one of the loops in the link above.

Loops-Pukemaster Standard (11 miles)

Pukemaster Standard w/technicalities (9 miles)

Pukemaster Standard w/technicalities and whining (7.5 miles)

Pukemaster Extended (some gut wrenching hills) (14 miles)

Pukemaster Backwards ass random AWESOME route up the goat (10 miles)
3-4-5-62-63-64-65-(uturn)65-64-right on FIRE ROAD-63-61-8-9-52-51-46-50-49-48-40-32-31-48-47-45-3

Pre-ride Music:  Crystal method - trip like I do
Total Miles:   Im too tired to add them up - Say 43 miles??
Elevation Change Feet - 1000 to 2000 depending upon who you are following..
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  DD or Coffee Roasters - take rte 2 north, exit 8, left at exit, under highway, through 2 lights dd on right, continue to main street, Coffee Roasters is on main street either right or left, not sure but its only 50 feet away from the intersection and you can probably smell your way there you freakin addict..  Nearest Sushi - Shogun in glastonbury, or if you ride mesh. from the other side, mikado in middletown is reall close


Local Bike Shops  331 New London Tpk. Glastonbury, CT 06033  (860) 659-0114
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