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CT -  Hartman Park - Mountain Bike Trail Review with Map and Pictures

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Directions - Take rte 2 south to rte 11 south to end of expressway. RIght at "exit" and immediate left, go past ice cream place, then straight through pitch fork stop sign, take a left onto gungy road, travel down
road for a tad and park on left

Description - This park has some excellent mountain biking trails, that are well marked, mapped and maintained.  Mostly moderately rocky singletrack, with some technical climbs, technical flat sections, one sick downhill and lots of switchbacks.  Its about the size of gay city, with about 8 miles of trails if you loop them all together.  Check this place out if your on your way to Pfizer en route to hijacking the latest shipment of viagra - or whatever..   

Loops - Just ride all the trails - I rode all the red, then left on fire road, right on orange (past blue) back to school room, then out on orange right on blue back to schoolroom and it was 7.5 miles..

Pre-ride Music:   Lords of acid - the wet dream
Total Miles: 9 ish
Elevation Change Feet -
Nearest Coffee, Sushi or other food:  Check out the plum tomato for post ride eats - not only did we have the most awesome sandwich ever (5 buckets) but they have sandwich descriptions ride recap style - no joke..  "opra will even switch to beef after she tries this" - or something like that..  Nearest Coffee:  Bess Eaton - in Plum tomato Plaza, nearest bathroom across the street at the gas station..   Im so focking informative.  Nearest sushi - your actually pushing it with the coffee, have some italian for  a change.
Local Bike Shops  

AirLine Cycles
2 Barton Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT

Phone: (860) 365-5496

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