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CT - Bluff Point

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Update 2008:  Saw on Crankfire that there is some logging going on at Bluff point to make the landing clear for the airport or some BS like that.. Bummer.

Directions - Take rte 95 to exit 88, right on 117 follow to light, take a right on rte 1, follow .25 miles, left at light (DQ I think).. Go straight under tracks, road turns to dirt follow to end and park.

Description - This place is a really cool, yet extremely small riding area on the CT shore.  There is basically one hill that you go up and down about 500 times, regardless of what spaghetti like trail your on.  The trails are surrounded by and divided by fire roads for easy access and bail if you have problems (mental and physical) or just like sand..  The single track that spiders all over this place is very cool, some smooth (and hard) (don't get excited now), some rocky, some technical sections, lots of fun logs, fair amount of slick rock and a few extra curricular rocks and boulders.  A nice view can be had from the point - a very romantic spot to take your "riding" buddies - DOH!!!  

Pre-ride music:  Praga Khan - Breakfast in Vegas on cocaine and gin
Total Miles:  12
Elevation Change Feet - As flat as your boney ass!
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AirLine Cycles
2 Barton Hill Rd
East Hampton, CT

Phone: (860) 365-5496

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