CT - Penwood - Pics


Tony Hawk, only 2 QM's, Nice!!

Jane, doesnt have a gun, but he does have a bullit, and nose wheelies it ever dam chance he gets

Funcional ramps, gotta love it

Nice home depot construction

Jane, on the edge, YIKES, should have seen his first dismount - lucky, very lucky, maybe some skill too

Crazy see saw, scared me to death

THQM - ramp jump, Skinny as they come


Ohhh ahhh its fall - Fantastic Parking lot pic

Jane, air-ing the 2 awkward 1.8 footer under majestic - deforestification - new word again

Huck to shale landing, no thanks.. A little light on the amplitude, but I was a little slow to shoot too

Jane asked me to take this, so he can remember where to turn next time

These woods have good fen-shooey


Like father Like son.


Joe skirt on the new bullit.

Kona - looking for some peanut butter (on that pole)

Ohhh ahhhh - ridge view - everyone else is at work - hey wait a minute, im at work right now..

can you find joe skirt in this picture

This is a classic fantastic pic, and if you look closely you might see the benchmark called pissalot's pole

And actually, his pole is so big, you may still see it in this long distance shot.. Trouble is SOOOO jelouse!!

Air dirt, launches the 1.3 footer

Gi - Jane Stylin with new chrome frame

There is no contemplation

Hey kona.... Buddy... Come here.. Here boy.. Yes come slobber on my leg again.. Yesss yess good dogie..

Easy piece of singletrack (I took the hard line!)

Some canadian is jumping his old bike TWICE as high right now - DOH

Ok - this was the hard line - only Me and Joe skirt rode it

Off camber - handicrapped line

Sweet downhill

JD on line puke, "I see skidmarks"

Classic pic of a landing

Doggie drop inspector

BASTARD - now thats a nose wheelie - I assure you - he did not crash, but suspect his rear triangle is full of lead

Movie - Jane Huck!!

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