CT - Osbornedale State park

"On the boardwalk...."

Fantastic day

Grassy singletrack

couple rocks

more rocks

Sleezy double track - super Buffy

Oh my god - lawn Boy was here..

If you like riding in your front yard, youll love it here!! Nature lovers delight..

Ohhh Ahhhh

Ok here we go - Turtle sex 3-way

No idea why I took this picture, oh theres probably some stupid bird if you look close, I must be on crack today..

Look at these chicks!! THMP needs to come here.. DOH

Last time it was ridden??

angry green rock

5 footer, might be ridden, not sure, roller to left

2 footer - WHoooo Hoooooo, I could stay here all freakin day

Mildly steep line

Cool log pyramid, people do actually ride here..

Finally I found Dr. Evils trail - Actually this ones called kestrel.


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