CT - Hurd State Park

We built this rock bridge as the stream was seamingly impassable

Typical trail here, wide, some rocks, sleazy and cheesy

Down by the river, who brought the picinic basket

PMD riding the big one..

TT on the edge of contemplation, he then dissapears into the rocks and pine needles

Hey its just like lynn woods, except, completely different..

THMP even QM'd this photo shot, take some vitamin G man!!

Nice roller, Handy ramp

PMD enjoying her last days on a hard tail.. I hope..

This is the GI-Jane line - Japanese wall, followed by downhill 3 foot gap huck, shuck nose wheelie.

This, is a river, at the approximate location that QM dragged me behind his boat giving me free enimas..

Looks like leather, should have done a nose wheelie..

THMP - Contemplating the 1 footer, im almost too embarrased to take this picture but must for ridicule..

Best 2 footer in the state - ill be back soon, with GPS ANNNNND batteries.

This map sucks, ill try to make a better one folks..


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