CT - Wells Woods - Columbia

Gi-Jane - Huck to Transition Gapper

Joe Dirt Needs some press - Hits the first gapper

Gi Jane with style points

Gaps everywhere

Ramp to transition - Nicely built drops - GI - Predator Style


Blind Faith Double Contemplation


Joe dirt on the Nose Bleed A-frame - Makes my testicles Quiver just looking at it

Drop ramp to log ride with dog trick

Blame it on kona wonder dog Joe

Jane Aired it - Bastage

ANIMATION!! - Gi Jane on "the Rack"



Gi-Survives Crash Test Dives Jane meats Tree



bizarro.JPG (212900 bytes)DOH  nate_launching.jpg (106287 bytes) Gonads paddy_HHO.jpg (116798 bytes) HHO - its only hard if you fall paddyHHO.jpg (114647 bytes) bail ramp
pat_on_real_consequences.jpg (108117 bytes) looks like leather,but nose bleed high pete_smoothie.jpg (128179 bytes) PM_lefty.JPG (219052 bytes) Finally I go down lewinski drop post_turkey_day_trot_2001.JPG (219524 bytes) Turkey day trot crew
tom_smoothie.jpg (100748 bytes) Its only smooth when all the rungs are installed.      
G on High Hard One - Wells Woods.JPG (204240 bytes) New ramp - high hard one. G on Horseshoe - Wells Woods.JPG (211715 bytes) Horseshoe  G on Real Consequences- Wells Woods.jpg (144856 bytes) real consequences   PM Horseshoe.JPG (205765 bytes) horseshoe
PM on High Hard One.JPG (188855 bytes) He missed me sailing off this 4 footer (yeah right) limp wrist excuse # PM on horseshoe.JPG (200436 bytes) Spectator syd, gave me 4 poops for this one Wells Woods Locals.JPG (134234 bytes) WHOOPS something fell out of my pants  
blind faith.JPG (13531 bytes)

Frank on Blind Faith

Drop one Nate.jpg (118324 bytes)

Nate Riding the "Lewinski Drop"

drop six.jpg (118157 bytes)

We need to ride with this guy!!  Nice drop

Drop three.jpg (123114 bytes)

"toothless smoothie"

frank riding natural bridge.jpg (9498 bytes)

Bridge oh natural

DSC01117.JPG (82914 bytes)

Double Drop -CT

DSC01119.JPG (116166 bytes)CT balances between rock and tree for 3-days DSC01120.JPG (105655 bytes) Stiffy grabs a tree
DSC01123.JPG (73515 bytes)Blind faith - all the obstacles should have this name DSC01125.JPG (82635 bytes)BF - Big focking rock! DSC01127.JPG (93630 bytes) Radar - 5ft roller DSC01128.JPG (117435 bytes) Burn with style
DSC01129.JPG (86624 bytes)Stiffy - before he grabs the tree - made it 2nd try DSC01130.JPG (71072 bytes) I lied heres focker cleaning a ramp DSC01132.JPG (113470 bytes) DSC01133.JPG (112918 bytes)
DSC01134.JPG (129721 bytes) DSC01135.JPG (95561 bytes)radar on "hit the deck" DSC01136.JPG (75283 bytes) CB - 1 millisecond before endo DSC01137.JPG (168848 bytes) Some modifications were needed
DSC01138.JPG (99116 bytes) Riding HTD toward beaver DSC01139.JPG (112243 bytes) Burn up DSC01141.JPG (132674 bytes)  DSC01142.JPG (128682 bytes)  At this point it hurts to hold the fing camera



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