CT - Soapstone Mountain - pics

These guys are toooo funny

Ill give you 5 dollars if you grap the rear wheel next time!!


HJ on home depot drop QM - what no contemplation - good form

AnkleBiterdrop1     AnkleBiterdrop2

Anklebiter Single White Male with a car so small you won't want to get in the back seat.....

PMD going down?

Home depot trail, drop one

TT with Puke spotter for good measure

Ankle biter catches air and re-arranges some molecules on his shin..

The landing.

TT - Cleaned this ramp amazing the crowd - you should have heard those cowbells..

Pit thinks going down is harder..

PMD on V-drop - fired photographer once again

Ok - I found the fire button on time for AB.

AnkleBiter is airborne in this pic!! Listen to me know - believe me later..

Contemplation rock

Tubeless Todd on cheese cake rock ramp.

Im not going to try it.. you try it.. Lets get mikey..

AB contemplating the 12 footer - in 5 years if he has a death wish - maybe..

Do not ride on the public property, unless you do it with style!!

Focker - up Handi-ramp (yes he used the railing)

TT going around tight tree and out of the "bush"

MH on TT up

PMD on dragon back rock ride

TT on handi-ramp

PMD camoflouged

Hot lips - Take 1

MH - no contemplation

Cut off fockers head

Hot lips - comitment!!

This is cheese cake rock

This is TT walking up cheese cake ramp, if you look closely you can see my ass between the tree crack (no pun intended) -

Someone mail the rag some moola so we can send focker to photography school

Take 2, sleezy up

Nice down

Focker manages not to slide down the cheese on his ass

Excellent Execution, just a little endo due to navigational problemos - (GPS??)

Cool ramp, up or down



New gap log

We could just ride this all day
Shake and bake screaming down soft quad double track Sorry we dont have video of this, shake was nice enough to take a pic for the memories..  Yup its broken - doc says its an improvemnt    
Pc080002.jpg (175565 bytes) Roll it, wheelie it or walk it Pc080004.jpg (179315 bytes) Not as sleazy as it looks - listen to me now!! Pc080005.jpg (147608 bytes)Cool rock sunt Pc080006.jpg (191497 bytes) Going in the back door is always harder
Pc080007.jpg (190685 bytes) millisecond before fall Pc080011.jpg (152791 bytes) Stunts by puke    
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