CT - Hebron Pics


KA - showing us the goods

Dave warmin up

TH - looking curiosly confident today with the new bullit

Dave shucking off tombstone ball buster

KA relaxed as ever on buela ball breaker

Pat popping off at the zit


Circuis style on the garden hose (sissy kick) - Im one to talk, got 2 in on the same run

Puke, the crippler, nemesis


KA - this log dont need no stinkin flattening

Or maybe it does, sorry for the blurry picture, I was laughing my ass off.. And now its gone

SSK - so free ride, good job, next time, nose wheelie

This was croosy woods, but hey, im a lazy limabean - Met mr Yankowitcz there for some post ride log gobbling..




HLM - Nice


Free Standing Hypothermia comp.

CBS airs the 3 footer, Jane sporting new outfit in the background



Jane says once was enough for the 7 to flat roller, makin the ramp look sleezy though

ZT feels it today, but we should fire the photographer..

4.2 footer - Jane - Misses those dam stumps

wanted to make sure and catch the landing here - CBS - Lands but goes squirly

Sliding into home plate - Safe


The Gynecolical exam - is that GI - Lost photos...

Foot in the crotch dab

CT, old school hard tail, his ass, in the air, between the legs, going down

Joe dirt gets roughed up

It was the cannondale, never happen on a bullit

3 footer, day ride, notice the pic is actually bright and clear


Rolling the huck, nice

Crash virgin huck on the V-10

OBD looking evil as ever

Bm predator style


BM commits - Nice

Crash hucks the 7 foot roller

ROOOOOOKIE - Perfect form, must have used finesse this morning in the shower..

Crash running laps to check repairs


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