CT - case mountain pictures 

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Qm Slug Sequence

Most awkward 2 footer around, I wont even do it, Nice JOB QM

QM riding the glory pole

GI coming off the pole

BONUs Points

QM - QMing

Gi Shows QM The goods

GI, getting chased by a blurry kona

Joe Dirt, landing in the glory hole

Bambi - Gi

Bambie - Joe Dirt

PMD commiting

Dave - QMing

Just ONE QM for the contemplation master - actually I think hes back to shake and bake these days

Drop sequence - Nice Job

Take 2

Tag Along Dave (TAD), Rollin the skinny rock ramp skramp

Tony Hawk - Nails the 3 footer on arrow head

Twice for the camera


Rookie-TireBiter drop Rookie chisel rock - crash Rookie - Meta-mogul-vomit-downhill - Nice

Ankle Biter - Classic - 4 footer to gully landing, cleans it..

Hard up, hop, launch

4.5 footer, full face, kneepads shaved legs, gotta love it.



G-string, riding the skinny log, Y-ramp

G-string on the new bloated slug rock

Some rock harvesting must have been going on here - new rock to ride - pretty cool.


mc900 gap up

Take 2, now that I have the camera out he makes it - take one was a perfect dismount OTB.

New A-cup bridge


     Puke elevated drop     G-string roller     G-sting see saw    Gstring drop


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