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New Advertising Opportunities on


1.  Topo trail map advertising for Bike shops..  This is possibly the best TARGETED advertising a bike shop can get..  Bikerag has cornered the market on local trail information with visitors averaging over 3,000 per day!  The average visitor spends 10 minutes on the site.. So many of these surfers are searching for new trails or maps of there favorite riding spots to plan new loops, mini excursions or long journeys..  They print these maps out and head off into the wilderness, ready to break derailleurs, wheels, chains etc...  Don't you want them to have your Phone Number and address handy??  Also every time we revisit a riding area and update the map, or add pictures we put a link up on the whats new page, giving the riding area more press.  You can also submit your own pictures for that riding area..

Availability of trail map advertising.   TMA is available on a first come first serve basis.  Check out what is still available on the  CT - Trail Reviews including Maps and Pics Page

Trail Map Advertising - Pricing
  1 Map 2-5 maps 6+ maps
Cost Per Year $25.00 / Year 22.00$ / Year / Map $20/ Year / map

CT sales tax will be added to all orders, pay via check or PAYPAL..

TO purchase, Email the webmaster Contact Bikerag

*  Bike shops must be within a 30 mile radius of the maps they are advertising on.  This will make things fair to other bike shops and more useful to the riders..

**  Advertising slots will be available on a first come first serve basis.

***  Advertising Clients will get a free listing on the review page of the associated maps they purchased advertising on..  So one bargain price gets your name on the net and in the woods..

****  That's not all, order now and get the ginsue knife set for free, just kidding, one more thing, Every time a trail map is updated or Photo's added,  a link is posted on the what's new page giving your shop more press..

Trail Map Advertising Sample

2.  Advertise on Main State pages with 468x60 banner.. ($25 to 100$ per year) depending on state

3.  Advertise on Main page right side bar (Currently not available)

4.  Advertise on any page, please inquire

5.  Display the logo on apparel for free..  Just get permission and ill send you the graphic..

6.  Advertise on Forum, coming soon..

7.  Trade a link with bikerag 4 free.. (most sites accepted that are bike related)

NOTE:  It is not the intention of Bikerag to litter all the web pages with cheesy advertising..  Revenue generating ads will help keep bikerag FREE for all internet users..  So if you want to help the cause, then support our sponsors whenever you can..


Other unique advertising opportunities available, if you have an idea of what you want, just ask!!Contact Bikerag