Misc. and strange pic's people have sent me

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Cookin with spokes

DSC00434.JPG (55642 bytes) DSC00451.JPG (125651 bytes) Welcome to NH DSC00449.JPG (103301 bytes)Nice pearl necklace!! DSC00445.JPG (78432 bytes) Yes, this is the xterra passenger seat.
DSC00590.JPG (74391 bytes) This is the motel for the backcountry expressway        
1.jpg (40211 bytes) 2.jpg (31226 bytes) 3.jpg (37446 bytes) 4.jpg (30584 bytes) 5.jpg (45414 bytes)
6.jpg (32422 bytes) DAY12008.jpg (78951 bytes) Bra tree DSC00277.JPG (112895 bytes) Flies on my dick? DSC00280.JPG (94745 bytes)

Giddie Up

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skilikeagirl.jpg (154718 bytes) smackcrackpop.jpg (48773 bytes) My childhood breakfast cereal stupid1.jpg (165597 bytes)

You had to be there for this one - sledding into a highway - notice the other kid on crutches

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Definite VACANCY

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Carbo Loading dispenser

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Umm sheep

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Must have been a crash test

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The new compound

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I make web pages ruf ruf

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I landed it

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crazy roadies - by US news and world report TM

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noooo its not me!

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max at the "compound"

max_the_dog1.jpg (53864 bytes) opbeamfunny.jpg (46148 bytes)

What the hell?

pencil_dishwasher.jpg (61546 bytes)

yup its clean all right

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hungry squirrel

squirrel2.jpg (42727 bytes)

Thirsty squirrel

squirrel_end_of_sequence.jpg (53336 bytes)

dead squirrel

xrayhand.gif (47362 bytes)big steves hand after soapstone
b1.jpg (18777 bytes)

Barbie goes ballistic w/9mm

not just for breakfast anymore

Carbo loading extrememe LB?

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(lady in the picture) the other white meat

These are recaps

dont_feel_too_bad_mark.jpg (30631 bytes)


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pics from the compound - geographic

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Quotes from homer "the any key? wheres the any key.

GutterGirl.jpg (66759 bytes)pm-files
halloween1.jpg (72927 bytes)

Its 3am, 3am eternal - klf

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the orange carpet was "munched" - this is all we have now.

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We need this encouragement on the trail

lbi.jpg (16403 bytes)

LBI in motion

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PP-twinkle toes

New-13.JPG (157290 bytes)

Ahh my first homade CNC machine

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Compound Geographic

NONAME_011.JPG (57664 bytes)


paindavignion.jpg (86718 bytes) PALAC003.jpg (81211 bytes)

Crack your under attack.

teddybearlove.jpg (10917 bytes)

WHo's your daddy?

warningsign.jpg (24547 bytes)

MOAS as child

bungee.jpg (21731 bytes) piano.jpg (40744 bytes)

Brawnsons career gone downhill?

party011.jpg (89356 bytes)

Train wreck will kill me if she finds this!

PUMPKIN.JPG (70940 bytes)

Pukemaster of the vined species.

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SWF 134, 80 lbs ready and willing

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I read tooo many recaps, nice pearl necklace!!

shortone.jpg (12713 bytes)

Hi - im Joey the fuse


images/PICTURES/strange/Spontex.mpg - I have no Idea what this is, I cant even open it!!