Wild on Bikerag - Animals on & off the Trail - Besides US   2004 - Misc Animals Pictures

Galapagos 2004 pics - Complete set during the late all inclusive deals

NH - Mines Falls Park, Grand master B knows this bird

CT - Crescent lake snake slid from under my trousers again

Big Blackey

Better watch out what pole you grab here!!

Noot, or is it Nute Donna 3 - Pittstown state forest

CT - Powder ridge, dog snifs blur, deems it unworthy

This has to be TWD

Nh - Moms house - Focker take this picture down to tatoo world

Look out TH

My new buddy mr grass - hopper

3 days later he changed colors

Mr inch worm

Ridgepole trail in NH, on the pavement ride home


WV - Coopers rock state forest, scary spiders lurke above

WV - snowshoe, too many deer to count

Actually I think this guy is magic hat #9

4/27-04 Vegas - Zion - Misc.

Ducks at castle craig, left in the camera from yesteryear

Mandalay bay pics, this hotel is crazy

Pink is my favorite crayon

Little did we know we'd see this bugger on the trail in 5 days


GI "im so free ride" shirt - SSK Trying to beam up..

This is why I try not to fall in while windsurfing

I prayed to the budaaa for good rides..

Hammer head

PMD with the fish

Zion animals

rein deer - its XMAS

God dam that things scary

Gidde - yup

But sniffing 101

I dont dare get any closer

Snarl - Grunt grunt

Little creek mesa lizard

Animals up on a pedastal - drive to little creek

Plan on some extra driving time

Flying monkey trail

This puppy was big - 6 footer.. Cant even pretend it fell out of my free ride pants

Too funny, its 10:00 airport we are leaving, I finally FINALLY get my bunny picture




This is one crazy duck

Deer chasing in wallingford of all places

Focker turtle pics

Head view of the turtle

Hubbard Park

Kona - fantatic doggy pics, like those ripples

Look out for the xterra

Elephant duck

More deer in wally

Wet Beaver - Drooool

Rookie & cookie aquarium pics


To kill a mocking bird??

Tony hawk - Flying squirrel catcher

Moas's Bass

Snake on tire

My mom would love this one

Ducks getting attacked by fish

Double jointed ducks





Rookies cat in nova scotia

Chillin under a rock


Bear at moms house - New Hampshire


CT - Ragged


NC - Dupont PA - American Standard

CT - Fisher Meadows

CT - Fisher Meadows

CT - Fisher Meadows


AZ - Granite Basin - Tarantula

House mountain - Tarantula

AZ - House mtn - spider nest

AZ - Huckaby - This bride will be an animal later tonight!!

Strange daze in AZ

CO - Drive to  Fruita

CT - Bigellow

CT - Millers Pond - Waterford

CT - Patchaug

CT - Ragged mtn

CT - Wells Woods - you guessed it, I have to switch back to briefs so I can keep this thing in my pants.

CT - Wells WOods - Syd the dog

CT - WEstwoods

MA - PEdros fest - Tazmanian devil back seat rider.

PA - Wissahickon - Deer Posing in front of graphitti a classic

Jackson HOle WY
TCG's Front Yard

UT - Back of the Behind

Voted Best Trailside animal pic!
CT - Case mtn - Syd the dog, walkin the log.

CT - Millers Pond

CT - Millers Pond - Giddie Yap


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