Mountain Bike Crash and wound pics

Mountain biking is a dangerous sport as you can see below.  Wear a helmet, ride within your limits!!


Gi-Jane Can You say Ti - Leg?? Loooks like an x-ray from one of my home-ade bikes!

Can you see the fox logo??

They put a zipper in GI's leg so the surgeons will have easier access next time..


Falling hard on the bone!!

This guy needs a nurse - Good thing he has nurse betty by his side!!

KA - showing some monty red after being attacked by a white rabbit with nice teeth..

Free Tatoo

noah gets burned by his discs



24 hours foot cam


Disposable bikes

ankle biter

Still from mpg file

Crash test

Valley Falls

Should have been a

Nassahegon - Crash Test Crashes Nassahegon - Epic Puke Helmet cam Crash

Stunt man

Nurse betty gets "stuck" at WH Reservoir

3 stiches

Same night - see saw stunt crash This camera has been taking some really bad pics lately, lets try the macro function!!
CT in a pile of bikes at middlesex Still down for the count, He can't even lift his middle finger at me    Moas, I hate to tell you this but I think its broken.  I would at least hold it up to the flourescant light.

Shinburger! - Thanks TCG

Soapstone - broken nose - x-rays to come The vampire rock at soapstone "no Di my face is not yellow!" Couple new wounds appear every day
This black and blue actually belongs on my leg, much like the littl man in twin peaks was mikes arm. The end of an era - orange helmet is retired or can we just glue it back together - ill put my people on it...  
Team Crash Movie vfallsI Team crash movie vfalls II
DSC01144.JPG (38718 bytes) Moas - Case mountain strikes again?? + bonus bruised ribs. DSC01145.JPG (54873 bytes) I think he actually got this wound fighting an old lady for the last package of rotten zuchinni. I would put a picture of my limp wrist here but that would make me look more gay. Train_wreck_crash.jpg (23253 bytes) Train wreck taking it off for the camera - see more for $.75 cents a minute!!
c_bone.jpg (61970 bytes) C-bone break from hurt-kurt barbie_cast2.jpg (405222 bytes) Case mountain - curse barbie-xray.jpg (72523 bytes) X-rays now thats a great idea - Moas gave me some $ off x-rays by holding my hand up to a flourescant light  
barbie_crash.jpg (106855 bytes) Barbies "hand job" Chain bitten.jpg (191449 bytes)Roofus Hobbs extracts its toll on CGM and MAE.jpg (431940 bytes) PIT with the bloody hands on hips pose MAE cutting the disco rug on hobbs.jpg (412813 bytes) Disco dancing or crashing you be the judge
Mark slides out on sandy drop.jpg (355279 bytes) Sit down and take a break


1/2 gainer - crash test Crash test is so hardcore he is doing some crunch's after his crash.
Burn doing a crash inverted pushup g-string bloody at mess at messhomasic Barbie gets "stuck" East coast, west coast we are flying this biatch all over
pukecycle wrapped around a tree Burn - dismount king Burn dismount again  

****Case endo - Crash and burn's constant struggle with gravity

Moas injured riding tips - If you brutally injur yourself, just take your non injured hand (limb) and grab your balls and seat.  This does 2 things, your balls hurt soo much that you forget about your other pains and it helps "stiffen" your body adding some one handed riding stability - yup brother-pukemast- er- gonomics at its best - Felions will have to improvise.


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