Backyard Bike Stunt Pics

Kill Bill Volume 3 - Wild Bills Cross stuntry Park - Tours available upon request - Located in the Berkshires.  Great Spot for intermediate + stunts..  Thanks again for the tour Bill


Wild Bill

Raised bridge ride, unbelievable construction

Optional see saw cutoff

Nice mitering, a fork in the ramp

Tony Hawk

TH, just one QM with much persuasion, looks sleezy but its high

CBS and Colorado Mike on the double

Does this count as piggybacking??

The Serpent


This is the coolest roller coaster

Gimpy D - Dont forget to "Pedal"

There you go




Shore - "that needs a tranny box" backyard stuntground

JD riding the log

Gi - Is back

This is a Big ass Frog

JD on the long ramp - Sweet line - I QM'ed it...

ANIMATION - Joe Dirt Stunt Huck Gap Tranny



The Lost Alvidan Compound Stunts

HJ - Breast Crash

HJ - Backwards - seesaw HJ Puke - double back see saw

The Lazy susan seesaw of death - MOVIE

HJ - Too fast for the camera

This explains his new skill on narrow bridges

practice for grayville

more grayville simulation

COCKpit view

Excellent cunstruction.. Study any architecture lately

Boomhowers Backyard Bike stunts - riders wanted



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Insane beelzebub see-saw, no hands no seat, somehow I landed it

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