AZ - Sunset Trail in Flagstaff

Helmet_cam Burn-jump CT-awesome-crash CB-awesome-crash
Scooter-air-stiffyair focker-air    
DSC01528.JPG (44616 bytes) Map DSC01531.JPG (147561 bytes) Rocky New england esque trails DSC01533.JPG (93854 bytes) Focker on the 7 mile climb from hell DSC01534.JPG (115146 bytes) Ummmm dead trees
DSC01535.JPG (104313 bytes) DSC01540.JPG (150329 bytes) Someone give CB a bowl of water - or take him for a walk.. DSC01542.JPG (101598 bytes) DSC01544.JPG (83064 bytes) Aliens
DSC01543.JPG (113379 bytes) DSC01547.JPG (90967 bytes) Elden Lookout DSC01548.JPG (117369 bytes) DSC01549.JPG (72492 bytes) Top of the world single track - cool stuff "where's focker?"
DSC01550.JPG (84357 bytes) DSC01551.JPG (102794 bytes) DSC01552.JPG (113610 bytes) DSC01553.JPG (130132 bytes) Hairpin puke wreckage - 10 foot dismount
DSC01554.JPG (106872 bytes) Here comes stiffy DSC01555.JPG (112849 bytes) Organ donor trail DSC01556.JPG (94741 bytes) DSC01557.JPG (68682 bytes) Killer tech downhill on sunset
DSC01561.JPG (112220 bytes) DSC01564.JPG (102891 bytes) DSC01565.JPG (118234 bytes) what ?? another F'ing climb DSC01566.JPG (92882 bytes) Its day 8 , no stunts yet so I built this one
DSC01568.JPG (110520 bytes) DSC01573.JPG (82915 bytes) Crash bros in true form. DSC01580.JPG (96160 bytes) Scooter got his shoe  lace or something caught in his spokes - typical rookie DSC01581.JPG (92906 bytes) Houston we have a stunt - big tree bee ramp
DSC01583.JPG (103154 bytes) DSC01584.JPG (113027 bytes) DSC01588.JPG (95312 bytes) Liftoff DSC01589.JPG (98655 bytes) I think he is thirsty

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