LOGO logo logo - we don't have  freaking logo, we need a logo, that's what my people tell me Bikerag's first ever contest - Design a logo for bikerag and win big


Bikerag has been logo-less for too long now..   I would like to invite the users of bikerag to help in designing a logo for the website - T-shirts - swag - whatever...

Prizes - As long as we can get something acceptable that fits the bikerag image, we will be giving out some prizes..  We may use the forum Poll  to help in our decision..

Grand Prize - New 2004 marzocchi fork - Bomber z1 fr eta standard dropouts, or other marz fork of equall or lesser value..   Forks of higher value a possibility too if you kick in the difference..

2nd place - Joe Blow Bike Pump

3rd Place - 2004 bikerag calender

Boobie prizes will be given to anyone who puts some effort in and contributes..


1.  Graphics will be the property of bikerag.com / Petersen consulting / bikerag industries, when contest is over..  We will give you credit, somewhere on the site, if you want for designing the logo..

2.  Submit as many as you want..  Try not to submit crap, I mean, I can make crap..  Anyone can make crap, hell if you took the time to make a crap, send it over anyway..

3.  Graphic must be completely original, non copyrighted material...  No clipart..  Do not cut and paste parts of clipart..  Unless the clipart came from clipart.com because I have an account with them, therefore it would not be an issue..   But still - try not to use clipart..  Do not steal graphics or parts of graphics from other site..

4.  Quality should be good enough for a large image, we can resample for website graphics..

5.   Theme can be whatever you want, I mean ultimately, something mountain bike, free ride type, something that portrays bikerag content..  Ramps, trails, maps, bike parts, you get the idea..  Feel free and submit whatever the hell you want..  It could be EVIL, or it could be FANTASTIC..

6.  The graphic should contain the name bikerag..

Submit your image - Contact Bikerag - Just email it over, keep it under 1 meg if you can, or warn me that a big ass file is a commin my way..

7.   The contest will end some time this season, It depends how many responses I get..  If there isnt any interest, ill put it on hold..   Its the off season, you bored, you have no excuse, get off the couch and draw something on a napkin..  I beg you..